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  • Anna Weller - Numerical Methods for Parabolic Differential Equations on Metric Graphs (07/24)
  • Sandra Boschert - B-Spline Based Methods: From Monotone Multigrid Schemes for American Options to Uncertain Volatility Models (11/23)
  • Christian Mollet - Parabolic PDEs in Space-Time Formulations: Stability for Petrov-Galerkin-Formulations with B-Splines and Existence of Moments for Problems with Random Coefficients (07/16)
  • Roland Pabel - Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Variational Formulations of Nonlinear Elliptic PDEs on Tensor-Product Domains (04/15)
  • Gabriela Jager -  Approximate Continuation of Harmonic Functions in Geodesy:  A Weighted Least-Squares Approach Based on Splines with Extension to the Multiscale Adaptive Case  (11/10)
  • Carsten Burstedde -  Fast Optimised Wavelet Methods for Control Problems Constrained by Elliptic PDEs (10/05)
  • Daniel Castaño Díez -  Adaptive Scattered Data Fitting with Tensor Product Spline--Wavelets (02/05)